Hosted Virtual Servers

What exactly is a Hosted Server?

A Hosted Server or a Virtual Private Server (VPS) or a Virtual Dedicated Server (VDS) is a Server that sits in another physical location, usually in a secure data centre but not always.  Using advanced virtualization software, the Server appears as and gives the controls of a dedicated on-premise server and uses its own Operating System (OS).  You, as the user, then connect to this VPS via an Internet Connection.  Basically instead of investing huge sums of Capital into the purchase, maintenance, and upkeep of a server, someone else does that for you and you rent it.

Are Hosted Servers Safe?

We deploy the very latest User Connection and Anti-Virus  and Anti-Ransomware software on every Server that we supply and support.  We also ensure that daily off-site backups and regular threat protection services are in place.  Your data is probably more secure and more easily recovered on our servers than if it were on your local machine.

How do I sign up for a Virtual Server?

Contact us and make the enquiry

We’ll send you a proposal

Accept the proposal and return it to us

We’ll discuss and schedule your migration date and time

We’ll provision your server and action the migration

You begin processing your work on your new server

I already have a Virtual Server, can you help me?

If your software is hosted on a VPS and would like us to support your business software, we are willing to do this.  In all instances where external service providers are still in place we prefer to work with them.  Alternatively, should you want to move your VPS to our data centres, this is easily done.  There are a few key areas to take note of and we will assist you with those during the migration of your server to our data centres.

Support and Training

How do I get support?

To ensure that we attend to all of our support and maintenance requests in good time, we make use of a ticketing platform.  If you have never used our services before, simply hop across to our support desk and log a support request and we will jump into action and give you a hand.  Once you have used our services you will have our support desk email address and can communicate directly with our support desk using that.  To Log on to our support desk and log a support ticket now: Click Here

Can you help me with my upgrade or crossgrade to another version or product?

One of the benefits of having such a healthy variety of products is that we don’t try and make one product fit all.  We absolutely can assist you with all or any of your upgrade needs.  We can also help you choose another product to migrate to if that is what your business needs.

What is the cost for support?

As with all consulting companies, we charge a fixed rate per hour which is influenced by the product being supported and the consultant attending to the service.  Our tariffs are available on request.  Hop across to our ‘Contact Us’ page and start a conversation, we are looking forward to hearing from you.

Do you offer training?

We offer training for all of our products and solutions.  For a more holistic support approach we offer monthly Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Offline Point of Sale (POS)

What does 'Offline POS' mean?

Our Point of Sale interface is installed on a workstation and uses a dynamic internet connection to communicate with the back office server.  So if the internet goes down, the  Point of Sale workstation will continue to operate without interruption.  Once the connection is re-established, all the data from the Point of Sale workstation synchronises.

Can the Point of Sale do Laybys?

Yes, the Point of Sale terminal can process both Lay-bys and Lay-by payments.

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