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Have you ever heard some of the following excuses when following up for payment, after you have sent your customers their monthly statement?

– I have not received this invoice.
– What is this invoice for?
– Do you have proof that those goods were delivered?

Of course you have. Let us have a look at these excuses.

I have not received this invoice

Customers will ask you to supply them with one of the outstanding invoices on the statement. You simply locate it and email them a copy, but when following up on payment again, they will request yet another outstanding invoice. This could carry on for quite some time if there is multiple outstanding invoices on the statement.

What is this invoice for?

Regularly, you will be asked this question by your customers. Most of the time, this is not to ensure that you have charged them correctly for the work you have done or the goods you supplied. But rather to have you running around, supplying them with the details of invoices from their statement.

Do you have proof that the goods were delivered?

Another question that often gets asked. This question normally precedes the first two questions in this blog. Your customer has now got you looking all over for the POD’s of the invoices in question. After finding them you still have to scan and email them to your customer.

Delay tactics

Most of the time, all these questions are just delay tactics to delay payment to your company. Sending out your monthly statements and following up on payments can become a tedious process if you do not have the right tools. What if I told you, you can now send out a statement and automatically attach the invoices pertaining to that statement? But what if you can add the POD’s for those invoices as well?

Yes, all of the above is possible. If you would you like to find out more about these great features please contact us today.

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