Should I be tracking sales reps?

Is this even a topic that I need to consider?  We use Mobile Apps to track everything nowadays.  From how many steps we take to how many calories we consume and burn.  This improves our management of these processes.  In fact, merely having this data readily available focusses our attention on the controls thereof.  You know what I mean, those people always counting their steps…  Tracking sales reps movements can make the difference between success and failure.

How does tracking sales reps help me?

To any company that has sales reps that work remotely for your company, the answer to the original question is a definite yes.  I should be tracking my sales reps.  Consider for a moment that you are a stationary company and you commission sales representatives to call on your clients.  The job is to check stock and give replenishment order feedback.  Having a physical presence when checking on replenishment stock is a far more successful strategy than simply calling for back orders.  I have owned and run a logistics company for 18 years.  The path travelled on delivery routes massively influences the quantity, and therefore quality, of stops performed.  Knowing the route that my drivers take gives me sufficient insight to assist them with routing efficiencies.  This in turn improves the quantity and quality of each stop.  Ergo, Client engagement can be positively influenced.

Whatever the reason, I know that it helps to know where my sales reps are

Where are they?  What is the time spent on the road?  The quality of time on-site with clients?  How many stops have they made?  Are they creating sufficient onsite sales opportunities?  Do not forget, onsite vs telephonic opportunities are very different.  And, how many of those leads are you successfully closing?  I trust my staff so I believe that they are doing the best that they can.  And yet I believe that if I have access to this kind of information, I can assist them by improving this process.

So how do I do it?

If I must manually control my reps remote visits it is massively time consuming.  So, why not use technology to automate it?  Enter the age of mobile technology.  I must say that I am a massive fan.  A Mobile App that allows me to track my sales staff via a GPS logger is a game changer.  Allowing my sales reps the ability to create a Sales Order on site is huge.  Adding to that the function of the Sales Order synchronising to my office immediately gives me the option to prep the order for supply.  That is an efficiency improvement of note.  For me and my client.  Companies that employ sales reps without this kind of functionality will surely quickly fall behind.

Where do I get it?

There are numerous options available for this requirement.  I have experience with some that might already plug into your current accounting or business platforms.  Take a moment to post a comment and we can chat about your options.

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